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Support is very good. They have mastered the art of customer service. Anytime I call with a problem, they jump on it and resolve it. There is usually a wait period when you are kept on hold waiting for a technical support representative, but unlike other services I have worked with, when you finally do get to talk to a technician, they know their stuff. Generally, they resolve any problem within minutes. Another big plus - their call-back program. After you have called technical support, a customer service rep always calls you the next day to see if the problem was resolved. This follow-up service ensures customer satisfaction as well as eliminating the potential of a lazy technician ignoring the problem.

Services include dial-up, DSL, ISDN, e-mail and web-mail. Zianet offers a customary monthly service fee with DSL; customers who want greater options can pay a higher fee to get them. Options are called SaveNet, FastNet, PlusNet, PlusNetII, PowerNet and PowerNetII. These optional services are priced dependent upon the bandwidth which they provide. They begin at 384Kbps/128Kbps for $25.00 per month and scale to a full 1.5 Mbps / 512 Kbps for $180.00 per month; therefore, they provide a plan to suit the needs of anyone who prefers a direct line - business or individual.

I know people who sometimes complain about Zianet, but they are OK for me and so far they suit my needs. I have used other local ISPs which don't measure up. I take on-line college courses and I use my computer for business and personal reasons on a regular basis. When I need to get online or to access my e-mail, I expect my service to be working. On all but two or three occasions in the last three years, Zianet has met these expectations. Since Zianet's DSL service is not available outside the city limits, you can bet I will not be moving out of the city. Other ISPs I have used have been quite frustrating in that their service is difficult to access and their support is practically non-existent. So far, I am fairly happy with the service and support provided by Zianet.