Divx DVD ripper: The basics

The Divx is a well acclaimed multi media format that enables the users to enjoy their favorite movies, shows and videos using a wide range of devices. The beauty of the Divx is in its ability to compress the original file to a much smaller edition. This makes it possible to store the file easily and also to distribute to ones friends.

The large files and even the zipped ones have proved to be difficult to share and are also known  to clog up ones computer by occupying a lot of space. Divx provides the perfect remedy for such large files. It is possible to convert ones DVDs in to the Divx form for portability and usability. This is how to achieve that.

The first step involves ensuring that the Microsoft media player and an MP3 codec are well installed. Selecting the appropriate conversion program is essential. One can chose from a wide range that includes XmPeg, AutoGK, Divx converter, DVD ripper, Imtoo DVD among many others.

The process of converting DVDs to Divx formats depend entirely on the conversion software program that one possesses. On a bright note it is worth acknowledging that most converters perform at the same level. One should then choose the target output format that he or she needs to use to convert the DVD. The next step involves inserting the DVD in to the hard drive and then converting either the entire program or particular chapters depending on what you desire to achieve.

The process takes a short time and its as easy as ABC. One requires just a few conversions to gain the necessary experience. The program is affordable as it retails at $ 50 or there about.  The converted DVD can be used for many functions like; watching them on a cell phone or an iPod that supports the Divx.