DVD ripper for windows: The trick

Most DVDs are packed with files and folders which are specifically designed for DVD players and not for PCs. For those who intend to integrate the DVD on to their computers, they will notice that most DVDs have folders labeled audio Ts and Video Ts. The file entitled Audio TS is located on empty in Video DVDs. These files are typically used mainly for Audio DVDs. If one opens the file entitled video Ts then he or she will notice the extensions of the files are vob, bup and ifo. The vob files are basically the mpeg or also called the video files and they are the only files that possess video. the IFO files on the other hand possess information like time and scenes.  The bup files can be considered as back up files for the IFO files and are not relevant for computers.

If one double clicks a vob file without a DVD player installed on the computer, the computer will state its inability to open the file. However, it is possible to open the file and one should employ a particular trick that involves copying the vib files to a folder on ones hard drive and then changing the file extension in to mpg.

One is not required to change the file name though it is important to change its extension. For those who choose to copy the vob file and change the extension to mpg, its function ability is not guaranteed. This is because one should take in to account the codecs that he has installed on the computer. This trick works well nine times out of ten.

For situations that the trick does not work, one would be left with no option but to copy the vob files into the hard drive and then double click it after changing the extension into mpg.