Best PSP video converter: A must have

One major drawback that PSP users encounter is the fact that PSP has the ability to only read and play the MP4 videos. This implies that any video that is not in this format may not be played and thus one may not enjoy its music or movies.

For the PSP users who happen to be movie lovers it would be prudent for them to learn the art of downloading videos to their PSOP and thus enjoying the wide range of videos from areas like Youtube and other online video sites. Compatibility may also be an issue with storing music.  It is thus essential for one o utilize a PSP video guide that will provide one with the necessary information appertaining to the storage of music and videos.

Found below are some tips and guidelines on how one can take advantage of the gadgets and utilize them well.

YouTube video downloads

Youtube is arguably one of the most popular video sites that is available online. For those who desire to translate some of the video clips from the site to their PSP gadgets, they may need to adopt the following procedure. Utilizing a downloader to obtain the videos from the site and thus store them in ones PC.

The downloaded version may not be in the appropriate and readable format for ones PC. It is thus vital for one to convert the file in their PC into one that is PSP friendly. A video converter will enable one to comfortably accomplish this mission. Once this is achieved one can easily download them to the PSP.

One should connect the PSP to the computer through its cable and then utilize the USB mode to download the videos and music that you so desire.  A converter also called a video down loader will enable one to download videos from youtube.