ICQ Instant Messaging Program

ICQ Instant Messaging ProgramICQ is one of the programs that provide messaging services in an instant over the computer system. The system was originally manufactured by Mirabilis which is an Israeli based company, the manufacturing and development of the product was from their but later on the program was taken over by the America Online and afterwards the messaging program is now being taken over by the Mail.ru Group, this event occurred on April 2010.

The word has been taken from the a phrase that is “I seek you”, the word ICQ is originally the reversion of a code that is the Morse code which is being common called CQ and the meaning of the word is “calling on to any station”. It was November 1996when the first full version of the program was launched in the market. And this way ICQ holds the honor and pride of being the very first instant messaging service provided over the internet. The purpose of creating and using the ICQ by its developers Mirabilis was to connect and narrow down the distance between the different operating systems such as Non UNIX.

Initial the technology was being provided to everyone without any charges but later on it became of great worth and proved to be a massive hit when the AOL get hold over it in the year 1998 for about a cost of US $407. Now the program is easily available over the World Wide Web and anyone can download it from their without any hindrance and start using the ICQ, the best part is that the program is compatibly on operating any of the system such as the Mac, Windows or even the various mobile tool bars.