Metal Armour Case

Accidents happen, I agree. So why not shield your pink Apple iPhone from any catastrophe. Clad your Apple iPhone in this snazzy custom made metal case and not only guard it, but also add a tinge of glamour. This metal armour case is made with neoprene to protect it against any shock. Doesn’t that sound like a really great bodyguard for your gizmo? Well, I guess it does.

The armour case is manufactured with Anodised Aircraft-Grade Aluminium, which ensures a strong protection for your gadget, and it certainly won’t let your pink Apple iPhone catch any filth. Unlike typical Mobile Pouches, this one also offers substantial protection from heavy impacts and drops. To make it even more useful, it is granted a detachable swivel belt clip at the back of the case. Simply unscrew the belt clip when not in use, which then keeps the back of the case flat. Accessing the buttons and ports could be done without any hassles with its customised cut.

No add-ons are required for to insert your gizmo in this metal case. So prevent your darling pink Apple iPhone from receiving any scratches, or getting covered in filth, and let it retain its beauty forever. What are you waiting for, Christmas? Simply, slip your Apple iPhone in it and just chill!