Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is yet to launch its Galaxy S4 any time soon. CNET has found out that by next month Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t be showing up in the market. Samsung plans to introduce various electronic products such as televisions. On the other hand, tech confab did not speak much about mobile news. The company plans to showcase its mobile products at a separate event.

Samsung released a video teaser for CES and right after launching the video people speculated that Galaxy S4 will be out in the market. Although the video didn’t reveal that much information still the people speculated that the company will soon release its new mobile flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The company ignored this speculation because Galaxy S3 continues to sell well in the market. Other than that, the company continues to promote Galaxy Note 2 in the market.

A lot of companies are still holding off and are still waiting for the right time to make their announcements. There are speculations that Samsung will release its new model, which somewhat similar to Apple handset.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has been successful in competing with Apple’s iPhone franchise. As a matter of fact, Samsung products are included in the top selling phones in the market. Samsung’s success is due to the company’s ability to produce consistent version of Galaxy S3 phone.

The release of first Galaxy S phone was a struggle because the American market thinks that the phone is more of a generic smartphones, but through the continuous effort of the company Galaxy S phone has now become popular because of its excellent reputation in terms of quality and reliability.